Rehab In Motion™

Digital instructional physical therapy program designed for patients home use. Here are some example videos:

Pelvic Tilt

Example Video

Hip Abduction

Example Video

Rotator Cuff

Example Video

Major Problems We Solve


PT facilities with no backup program have closed / reduced patient capacity.

Outdated Exercises

Outdated practice of providing exercise drawings or hand written notes for therapy.

Insurance Issues

Patient’s insurance benefits expired but therapy still needed for full recovery

Getting started with Rehab In Motion™ is easier than ever

Rehab in Motion ™ is a Medically-Directed Therapeutic Rehabilitation program that is available to download on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Rehab In Motion™ Process

RIM allows you the ability to continue making money / managing your patients outside of the office. Here is our process:



After patient evaluation, PT selects series of instructional videos / digital content for patient to receive digitally.


Email or Portal

Patient receives digital content via email / portal for 24/7 online access. Patient continues communication to PT through telemedicine exchange or office visit


Record Documentation

Patient progress and billing recorded.


Here's what people just like you have to say about us

Eliot R.

“After my fall I never thought I could bend down and pick up my grandchild again, the Rehab in Motion ™ program helped me get my life back.”

June P.

“I'm back on the tennis court again with my friends. Rehab in Motion ™ downloadable programs were just what I needed.”

Frank N.

“having no insurance to pay for physical therapy treatment, I turned to the Rehab in Motion ™ program to get me on track.”

Will my patients be able to login anytime?

Yes our portal is 24/7 online which will allow your patients the ability to login anytime.

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Are there any additional transactions cost?

We only charge for our subscription fee, and not based on your transactions. You will of course have to pay your transaction fee through your credit card processor (Stripe).

What is your software pricing?

View our Hospital / Office pricing here: Click Here
View our Physical Therapist pricing here: Click Here

Can I request additional features?

Yes, if there is a feature that our software doesn't have, please contact sales / support via our Contact Page

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